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Iranian Society of Organ Donation

Iranian Society of Organ Donation

Since organ donation awareness and development are time-taking and need resources, in most countries NGOs have come to help the government to help with this development. In 2016, the Iranian Society of Organ Donation’s founders gathered to help with this awareness and development. The Society’s board of directors and board of trustees therefore include different fields’ professionals and with the Society’s systematic chart there is a hope for the best actions to be conducted.  

Different branches of the Society are being opened throughout the country which currently include Hamedan, Yasuj, and Bushehr branches. Other cities like Tabriz, Dezful, Gilan, and Abadan are also passing the process to have a branch.

Board of Directord

Society’s Main Goals :include

1.       Increasing organ donation awareness

2.       Supporting Donor families

3.       Educating the society and organ donation teams

4.       Supporting organ donation researches

Other goals :include

1.       Increasing organ donation knowledge

2.       Increasing organ donation accessibility

3.       Detecting brain deaths

4.       Preventing the waste of organs

5.       Increasing organ quality and survival

6.       Increase justice and equality in Organ Donation

7.       Help with organ allocation

8.       Increase country’s self-sufficiency

9.       Get support from donors

10.   Communicate with related organizations

Society’s Main Parts include :

1.       Founders

2.       The board of trustees

3.       The board of directors

4.       Committees


Society’s permanent place: For a year, the Society was placed in Khatam University with the support of Dr. Ghasemi, Pasargad Bank’s CEO, and was supported thoroughly by the university’s board and employees. Valuable activities were done at that time which includedthe holding of the 12th and the 13th Nafas Celebration and Nafas Visual Arts’ Festival. Afterwards, Pasargad Bank donated one of its building to the Society. The place was rebuilt by Mrs. Ghasemi and Slimgostar  company. With the completion of this rebuilt, the Society started its official activity in the building 790 , Valiasr.

Publish: 19:55 / 19 September 2017