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Organ Allocation

How are the brain dead's organs allocated?

Iran's allocation rules are written based on the most valid national allocation laws and compatible with our country's condition in several sessions with the presence of transplant specialists. The transplant waiting list is updated at the transplant management center of the ministry of health and medical education and allocation is done only by this center. The allocator of the ministery of healh and medical education studies the transplant waiting list and with the help of softwares and considering blood type, body size, date of entery and urgency, chooses the proper recipient. Thereafter the allocator notifies the related hospitals to prepare their chosen recipients. Organ recipients are contacted and asked to come to to hospital. Recipients have been waiting for this call for long.

Does favoritism happen in allocation?

No. The only criteria for allocation is medical conditions and social position and etc. have no role in it. No one except the ministry of health and education allocator has access to the transplant list and this person considering the date of entery, blood time, and body size chooses the best option for transplant and announces it so no one can interfere with this process. The actions of the allocator are supervised continually by the transplant center's head and the allocations are recorded in the computer. Also all allocations are checked again in the allocation meeting every 3 months with the presence of the representative of all transplant centers.

What is the transplant team's role after the notification of the allocator to the hospitals?


The transplant team becomes highly active after it is notified about a donor. 70-80 people are on move so together they could make the family's wish come true. One of the transplant team surgeons goes to the donor hospital to harvest the organ. Donor and recipients are taken in for surgery in a part of the country and the harvest and transplant start